About Us

Who Are We

Welcome To Peep My Drip 
Not sure how to start a clothing business online? Peep My Drip is making selling clothes online simple. Peep My Drip is an eCommerce Marketplace specializing in online fashion. Consumers and retailers rely on our platform to shop and sell the latest men’s and women’s fashions. 
We’ve already made our mark on social media from our collaborations with top Instagram influencers. Now, Peep My Drip is expanding to help young entrepreneurs build their own independent online clothing shop without the monthly development, maintenance, or service costs of running a clothing business website. 
Currently, Peep My Drip is opening its doors to suppliers, vendors, and independent businesses. In addition, we work with brands of all sizes to help large and small companies in the US start selling clothes online. 
Peep My Drip is the sister company of Snackz App, well-known local food and household essentials delivery service in Philadelphia. Snackz App is fully invested in all operations of Peep My Drip to ensure all vendors within the marketplace receive help and assistance to grow their businesses. Our vendor’s success is our success. 
Peep My Drip is a user-friendly eCommerce Marketplace hosted by WordPress. Start a clothing business online without hiring a web development company.

Our Vision

We believe selling clothes online should benefit both the supplier and end consumer. Peep My Drip works closely with vendors to ensure speedy delivery times, excellent service, and complete customer satisfaction. We hope to make buying and selling clothes online better with local pick options, less shipping fees, and eliminating the need for third-party shipping services.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our shoppers an excellent online shopping experience while providing our vendors a secure, convenient way to earn a living selling clothes online. Peep My Drip was founded by a team of experienced Instagram marketers wanting to offer a new service to our local community members.

Peep My Drip and its vendors are making getting dressed in the latest women’s, kid’s, or men’s fashion trends easy and affordable. We’re making top-quality clothing conveniently accessible to our customers within the United States as no other brand has done before.

Our Goal

We launched an online clothing platform as a subsidiary of Snackz App. After working with Instagram influencers, other social media users repeatedly asked us to help them start selling clothes online without a website. Founder, James Baker, hopes to make creating a clothing business online easy, simple, and fun.