About Us

Who Are We

Welcome To Peep My Drip 
Peep My Drip is an upcoming online perfume store. We’ve already made our mark on social media from our collaborations with top Instagram influencers. Now, Peep My Drip is expanding to offer the latest trendy fragrance at affordable prices for all. Currently, Peep My Drip ships fragrances to thousands of us residents. 

Peep My Drip is the sister company of Fargo App, the latest rideshare platform to request local rides, arrange a carpool service, or find long-distance rides from drivers nearby, anywhere in the United States. Fargo App’s hand-vetted fleet of drivers ships Peep My Drip orders throughout the US. We’re cutting the middleman to offer our online consumers more fragrances options while generating more earning opportunities for our shipping carriers.

Our Vision

Peep My Drip ships trendy fragrances within just a few days. No more high shipping fees or waiting for items to arrive late in the mail. We’re cutting out third-party shipping services to cut down costs and save you time. James created our idea open an online fragrance store at fair prices to help make our customer’s lives easier. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to stock the latest women’s perfume, men cologne and trendiest fashion jewelry online while offering free and fast shipping. Peep My Drip was founded by a team of experienced Instagram marketers wanting to offer a new service to our online community members. We want to make shopping for fashion jewelry, men colognes, trending women’s perfume online simple, cost-effective, and a positive experience. 

Peep My Drip is making getting dressed in the latest women’s fashion jewelry trends simple and affordable. We’re making top-quality fragrances conveniently accessible to our customers within the US as no other store has done before. 

Our Goal