FAQs for Vendors

Q1: What’s the requirement to become a vendor on Peep My Drip: 

QA1: Selling clothes online is easy with Peep My Drip. To become a vendor, please ensure you have the following.
Basic Customer Service Knowledge
Shop Name
Shop Logo
Cover Photo (628×300 ) Pixel
Customer Support Email
Customer Support Phone Number
At least one social media account
Mailing Address
Store Hours
Business Description
Bank Account or PayPal to receive payouts.

Q2. How long does it take to get verified as a vendor on Peep My Drip?

QA2: You’re just seven business days away from starting your online clothing business. Sign up today!

Q3. Can Peep My Drip help me start a clothing business?

QA3: Yes, learn how to start a clothing business online with us. We can help unlock your business dreams with your online shop. We’ll guide you on setting up a Single Member LLC in your state, designing your logo, and putting you in contact with top clothing manufacturers, vendors, or suppliers

Contact us to start selling clothes online TODAY!

Q4. Do I need a website to sell on Peep My Drip?

QA4: No, With Peep My Drip, you can sell clothing online without a website. We’ll provide you with your customized shop link that can be used as your online website link.

Q5: How would I accept payments for my products on Peep My Drip as a vendor?

QA5: We have made it easy to sell online without hassle. As a vendor, you can accept credit or debit card payments online and offer cash payment (if you offer local pick-up ) for your products. In addition, you can view all your store transactions from your vendor dashboard. Send an invoice and more with your Peep My Drip online shop link.

Q6 : As a vendor on Peep My Drip, what are my options for shipping products to customers?

QA6: You can offer shipping and local pick-up.

Q7. When do I get paid after shipping my products to the customer?

QA7: As a vendor , if you see up your payout account, payments will automatically be made to your account when you have at least $100 earnable or after shipping the products out to the customers.

Q8: How can Peep My Drip help you as a vendor?

QA8: Peep My Drip helps you turn your friends into customers. With us, you can start selling clothes online without building a website. List your products, share your custom Peep My Drip shop link. We want to help as many entrepreneurs as we can start a clothing business online. On Peep My Drip, there’s no monthly or setup fee. We take care of advertising, development, and marketing to help you drive regular sales without out-of-pocket expenses.

Q9: What’s the fee for selling on Peep My Drip?

QA9: Peep My Drip does not charge a setup or monthly fee. You only pay commission when you sell an item. To keep our marketplace running, we take an 10% commission from each item you sell. Fees are subject to change.

Q10: What type of products can I sell on Peep My Drip?

QA10: You can sell the following kind of products on Peep My Drip . Accessories , hair , active wear, shoes, clothing ,lipgloss, handmade clothings ,custom apparels ( that doesn’t risk copyright infringement )and anything related to fashion .

Q11. Can I Sell clothes on Peep My Drip Without inventory ?

QA11.: Yes, you can start your dropshipping business online with the Peep My Drip eCommerce Marketplace without owning inventory. Once you sign up , click on “sell this item ” under any product you wish to sell from our site . From there , the product will appear under your account showing you as the vendor.